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Hey, thanks for dropping by!

My name is Louis and I am a Designer (UX, graphic, web) and a student mentor for RMIT University and I am from Melbourne Australia.

I have been in the industry since 2001 in various capacities and still learning something new every day; it is very exciting especially with new technologies and methodologies - Welcome to the Age of visual communication enlightement.....

About my professional experience

I am currently employed full time at a consultancy working on various projects for many military and civilian organisations across Australia and the world. My skills include but not limited to:

  • UX (user experience) design
  • GUI development
  • User modelling
  • Wireframing
  • Interaction design
  • HCD / UCD
  • Prototyping
  • Graphic design
  • Interface design
  • Storyboards / user flows
  • Site maps and moodboards
  • Web design (front end)
  • Graphic design (print + digital)
  • Digital Photography (Architecture)
  • Some Architectural 3D modelling
  • Engineering, technical and Architectural Drawing

I also own LS Design and do a lot of UX, HCD, GUI, UCD, Engineering Drawings, Graphic and Web Design, and have also been involved in developing training aids, due to my vocational teaching background and multimedia (on a low level) using from MS video editor to Adobe Premier Pro, After Effects.

I have studied, I am studying and will keep studying Architecture, this is a passion I have had since I was young and I could never align myself to follow this path, now that I am on it I am really loving it.

Design - The Emotion series.

I am always experimenting and my aim is to describe some of the emotions I chanel in visual form to come up with ideas and concepts.

Without emotion, design becomes sterile and we lose our voices and this little experiment is helping me trying with new styles and pushing my visual boundaries a bit more.

Here are some samples of my emotion series, posted on Twitter and Instagram more to come soon.

Click on the Design is cool to go to my Twitter Account and click on Design is hot to go to my Instagram account.

Digital Photography

“Believer in the Power of Images to make this a better World”

This is the back of Fed Square in Melbourne, this building fascinates me, not only in terms of Architecture but every time I visit I find something new.

I love digital photography, especially Architectural whether it is classic or modern, I love buildings and I can honestly say I am a proud Melbournite because my city is not only the most livable but beautifully balanced between classic and modern.

Here is a sample below of my digital photography, I have chosen 'monochrome' because it brings an element of sophistication and a classic feel to it.

This is the 'giant' chess set at 'Boneo Maze' down the Mornington Penninsula. This was taken down the last long weekend we spent down there with my family.


I am also a story teller, I contribute to Lifehack.org, Linkedin.com, The UX blog, MotivationGrid and formerly, Successstories.com. Love sharing ideas to help others lead a more productive and positive life.
Being a natural 'Empath' helps me greatly with my UX design processes, to put my users first.


I am a Student Mentor for RMIT University, mainly to Design and architecture students and it brings me so much joy, inspiration and insight guiding young minds to a better future.

Contact Me

I love to connect to like minded people, I am open to new opportunities or collaboration, please click here to contact me.

Or feel free to connect with me on Linkedin:
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