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The Designer

About Me
The Designer

I am a UX Designer (HCD, UCD, GUI) and I am also an RMIT Student Mentor (via Industry).

I am a very strong print and digital designer, so I have strong visual skills for my UX design.

You can find some of my work samples on social media, like:

If you like to connect with me on linkedin please follow the link:

Or you can find me on the IDF (Interaction Design Foundation) page:

My Design Journey

In terms of professional design, I am a bit of an 'all rounder' I can create a humble business card to a whole website with lots of UX functionality like this one.

I love architecture, and more spontaneous artistic expressions like Jean Paul Basquiat's paintings, but I find simplicity is one of the hardest things to produce.

"I am re-discovering the joys of Swiss Minimalist Design because it suits me due to my Engineering background and the principle of 'Less is more'."

This is my own take on 'Left vs Right' the logical side vs the creative side. I do not lean to any particular one, I believe it is a compromise to help us get in touch with our creative selves.

Please feel free to  message me if you have any questions or if you have any opportunities in mind. I am open to mutually benefit partnerships, I am a firm believer in the 'win-win' principle.


I have studied 'Writing for the Web' via Open2Study which was a course run by 'Open Universities Australia.' I have also done further study by undertaking James Patterson's Masterclass and one day I will write a motivational and spiring book called: 'Journey Back to Soul - Spiritual Lessons From a Tough Teacher.'

"I find writing and sharing ideas a very noble endeavour, words can inspire others to take charge of their lives, influence others around them in a positive way and make this a better world."

I have also contributed articles to: Linkedin, The UX Blog, Lifehack and formerly Success Stories. It is a great way to keep my writing skills current and it helps me also with my web content writing and creation.

Lifehack is the top ranking motivational and inspiration website according to Alexa.

Why do I write?

The main reason why I write is to help others become the best they can be, we live in difficult times, there are so many challgenges we face as a human family, and my role is to inspire others to find solutions to help us move forward.

My subjects range from inspiration, communication, UX and other subjects of interest. It also helps me keep my mind active, keep my content writing skills relevant so I can be a more 'holisitc' designer.

What keeps me sane

Anyone who has worked in some capacity in a creative industry knows there are times where there is a lot of stress due to dealines, things not going to plan or so much work on we can hardly keep up.

It can be challenging and if on top of all that you have a family, mortgage, children to bring up, etc. it can be even more stressful.

It is not all bad having this amount of responsibility because you also have a greater amount of reward, love and happiness.

Having said all that, these are some of the things keeping me sane:

  • Karate  -  I am a martial arts student and it helps me 'quiet the mind' when I am in the Dojo
  • Gym      -  We have a home gym set up and my wife and I work out together and we help each other out
  • Family  -  My wife and sons provide me with a reason to get up, battle the 'Monash Demons' (Freeway traffic)
  • Writing -  It provides me with a much needed outlet and I hope to make a positive difference to others
  • Design  -  I focus on other creative aspects, as you can see I also freelance and keeps things interesting and I draw inspiration from Yves Behar (The Fuse Project), Stefan Sagmeister, Paul Rand, and the mighty Don Norman the father of Human Centered Design
  • Spirit    -  Discovering who I am and my purpose has been one of the most powerful revelations. Thanks to Neil Kramer, Gregg Braden, Gnostic Warrior, Lights of Kabbalah, Dr Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins.

My Mentors

HCD - Human Centered Design

Below is a video of Don Norman, the Father of Human Centered Design, he is one of my mentors and what I learned at UC San Diego was based on his principles about HCD so I look up to Don, I hope you enjoy the video.

Living With Complexity | Don Norman
Living With Complexity | Don Norman

Education - Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson discusses education and how the school system does not encourage creativity, this can be attributed to curriculums lacking flexibility and imagination, I look up to Sir Ken because he is a visionary and he inspires me to be a better communicator and to influence others in a nurturing and positive manner.

'Curiosity is the Engine of Achievement - Sir Ken Robinson.'

Education - Sir Ken Robinson. Do Schools Kill Creativity?
Do Schools Kill Creativity? | Sir Ken Robinson

Design - Yves Behar

Designer Yves Behar digs up his creative roots to discuss some of the iconic objects he's created (the Leaf lamp, the Jawbone headset). Then he turns to the witty, surprising, elegant objects he's working on now -- including the "$100 laptop."

Yves Behar - Designing objects that tell stories, TED.
Designing objects that tell stories | Yves Behar

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