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UX Prototyping: Dating app - Classy Date

Here is another prototype or mock-up for a dating site from a very unique perspective, using images to highlight preferrences as opposed to labels, buttons, captions, etc.

Introducing 'Classy Date' a dating app for Elite Professionals. I am not sure if it looks 'snobbish' but that is the target audience for this app. The terms and conditions can be placed as a link if the members want to read further and skip having to accept them straight away in order to join, thoughts?

Below we have the social media options with their appropriate colors for the user to easily identify which one they would prefer to sign up for this free service, keep in mind there are various levels of service.

As you can appreciate we have used the same colours as facebook, google+, linkedin and twitter to continue that theme and make it easier for the user to identify which one they are using to sign up.

This is a single image of a 'iPad' size Sign up screen and it has the same social media sign-up options as the mobile app version of it.

This is the 'iPad' size sign up GUI for 'Classy Date.' This is just an idea I had and I thought it had merit due to its sophisticated and classic look.

Please feel free to message me if you have any more questions about my UX design processes, I will be more than happy to go over with you in more detail.

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