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The Contanzas - Struggling to cook dinner

Meet our fictitious family: The Constanzas. They are having a hard time at dinner time due to Joe not having time after a long and busy day at his job as an Architect and Mel (mum) is often away for work.

With Gracy and Max to feed, Joe has not had much luck in the kitchen and their eating habits are not ideal, McDonalds, KFC, Red Rooster and Hungry Jacks are making them all gain weight.

This is The Constanza family frantically trying to put dinner together after a long and busy day. Joe is an Architect, Mel is a 'train the trainer' and seminar host travelling around Australia, you can imagine how difficult it is for Joe when Mel is away. Disregard the title of the picture, I wanted to show all of them together as if Mel is looking down on them while she is away with a loving and nurturing undertone.


This is a persona of Mel Constanza, the loving mother who has to travel on a regular basis due to work requirements. She feels torn because she wants to stay home and look after Joe, Gracy and Max and this persona helps us understand who our users are, their likes, dislikes, pain and joy points, etc. in order for us to develop an effective product, this description is over simplified, we could write a whole essay on UX.

Personas - Is a vital part of the User Experience design journey, but understanding out users, we can develop a strategy to help them with our products.
There are many different ways to develop personas, a simple sketchpad and pencil but sometimes I believe we can use tools like photoshop and illustrator.

The Journey Map - The frustration scale

This is the journey map helping us understand Joe's sticking points, joy points when Mel is away, and when Mel is home what she has to deal with. More at: The UX Blog - The UX Journey - The Path of The Empath

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