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UX - The Process

UX Design

The UX Process

Whenever we think of UX or User Experience we need to think not only in terms of computer apps, video games, electronics or machinery, UX is also part of the customer experience in:

  • Finance and banking
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Insurance and policies
  • Restaurantes and cafes
  • Themeparks such as Disney
  • Gambling like Crown Casino
  • The Military (equipment, training and simulation, etc.)

UX in the military

Logical User Experience is vital in the military, example, if there was no logical sequence when flying aircraft what do you think the outcome will be? Sailing ships, any different?

This is a proposed training package for the F18 Super Hornet Hydraulic Maintenance.

This is a sample of an interface for an F18 maintenace presentation dealing with hydraulic fluid power and electrics. This also includes the fuel system

It is just like a website and rightly so, it is how we piece it all together, the 'logical' flow of the information or its information architecture that will make it functional or not.

This is what the app would look like on an iPad.

"User experience is the logical and effective process making the user achieve his/her goals in the most direct and enjoyable manner, great design is seamless."

What is more important is to put yourself in the user's shoes, we call this being an 'Empath.'

It is important to take on board what design teams, SME's, stakholders requirements are but ultimately we have to take into account what the user needs as they are the ones who will use and buy our products.

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