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UX - Visual

Prototype - This is a quick prototype of SpeedMail. I used CorelDraw and illustrator for quick prototypes and balsamiq for wireframing.
Please note: SpeedMail is a make belief app.

What is UX?

User Experience or UX According to the Norman/Nielsen group is:

"User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products."

There is a need to improve on existing models otherwise there is no progress, innovation and the competition will gain the upper hand, example:

"Nokia used to be one of the best phone brands until Apple and Samsung developed their smart phones and now they need to find a magic bullet, this is no different with any product."

Companies are now realizing how important is to make their products, services and overall customer experience more enjoyable, but more importantly the purpose of UX is to solve design problems; in some cases like in the medical industry, emergency services or the military, lives depend on it.

10 Usability - Design Heuristics

I found this absolutely amazing table, I cannot claim credit for the design, I am including it so you can gain a much better appreciation of some of the principles we use to design products, experiences and make a positive contribution to society by provising a superior product.

I must admit, I have a copy of these principles at my desk for me to be reminded every time I design anything, not mater if it is UX related, graphic, web, etc.

I got his chart while doing one of my assignments for my Interaction Design course at UC San Diego, to me, this is a must for any designer.

Now for a case study.

The Contanzas - Struggling to cook dinner

Meet our fictitious family: The Constanzas. They are having a hard time at dinner time due to Joe not having time after a long and busy day at his job as an Architect and Mel (mum) is often away for work.

With Gracy and Max to feed, Joe has not had much luck in the kitchen and their eating habits are not ideal, McDonalds, KFC, Red Rooster and Hungry Jacks are making them all gain weight.

This is The Constanza family frantically trying to put dinner together after a long and busy day. Joe is an Architect, Mel is a 'train the trainer' and seminar host travelling around Australia, you can imagine how difficult it is for Joe when Mel is away. Disregard the title of the picture, I wanted to show all of them together as if Mel is looking down on them while she is away with a loving and nurturing undertone.


This is a persona of Mel Constanza, the loving mother who has to travel on a regular basis due to work requirements. She feels torn because she wants to stay home and look after Joe, Gracy and Max and this persona helps us understand who our users are, their likes, dislikes, pain and joy points, etc. in order for us to develop an effective product, this description is over simplified, we could write a whole essay on UX.

Personas - Is a vital part of the User Experience design journey, but understanding out users, we can develop a strategy to help them with our products.
There are many different ways to develop personas, a simple sketchpad and pencil but sometimes I believe we can use tools like photoshop and illustrator.

The Journey Map - The frustration scale

This is the journey map helping us understand Joe's sticking points, joy points when Mel is away, and when Mel is home what she has to deal with. More at: The UX Blog - The UX Journey - The Path of The Empath

Proposed solution - Healthy.food app

I have a graphic, web design background coupled with vocational teaching and these skills are invaluable when it comes to designing new GUI, UI or improving on existing models and this one is an app for 'Healthy.food' which delivers meals for the whole family, more about it below.

This is a mock-up for an app delivering home cooked meals for the 'whole family' including kids. The biggest selling point is to include toys and games in the meals at the end of the week so the kids have something to look forward to.

UX Prototyping: Dating app - Classy Date

Here is another prototype or mock-up for a dating site from a very unique perspective, using images to highlight preferrences as opposed to labels, buttons, captions, etc.

Introducing 'Classy Date' a dating app for Elite Professionals. I am not sure if it looks 'snobbish' but that is the target audience for this app. The terms and conditions can be placed as a link if the members want to read further and skip having to accept them straight away in order to join, thoughts?

Below we have the social media options with their appropriate colors for the user to easily identify which one they would prefer to sign up for this free service, keep in mind there are various levels of service.

As you can appreciate we have used the same colours as facebook, google+, linkedin and twitter to continue that theme and make it easier for the user to identify which one they are using to sign up.

This is a single image of a 'iPad' size Sign up screen and it has the same social media sign-up options as the mobile app version of it.

This is the 'iPad' size sign up GUI for 'Classy Date.' This is just an idea I had and I thought it had merit due to its sophisticated and classic look.

Please feel free to message me if you have any more questions about my UX design processes, I will be more than happy to go over with you in more detail.

Interactive web design - A vital part of UX

A website is interactive when:

  • The user can play video
  • There are forms to be filled
  • There are animations and sound clips
  • There are prompts and messages guiding the user
  • The site can be viewed on Smartphone, tablet, pc or mac.

But what is more important is the user can use and navigate the site with ease and there are no real difficulties. We equate this to 'achieving tasks' and it must be designed in a way where there is no second guessing.

My favorites are for smartphone and tablet, like Fourelles - Hair, Health and Wellbeing:

This is an existing website using interactivity which is part of the UX journey for my wife's hairdressing business and it turned out better than expected.

Below we have its equivalent on smartphone, the same features but with less details. Please message me if you want more information about my work or click on the samples below to see the images in more detail.

This is the smartphone UX interactive equivalent of the same website and we do not lose features, video plays well and so does the picture slide.

Please feel free to message me if you have any more questions about my UX design processes, I will be more than happy to go over with you in more detail.

The UX Process

In Conclusion

Whenever we think of UX or User Experience we need to think not only in terms of computer apps, video games, electronics or machinery, UX is also part of the customer experience in:

  • Finance and banking
  • Medicine and pharmacy
  • Insurance and policies
  • Restaurantes and cafes
  • Themeparks such as Disney
  • Gambling like Crown Casino
  • The Military (equipment, training and simulation, etc.)

UX in the military

Logical User Experience is vital in the military, example, if there was no logical sequence when flying aircraft what do you think the outcome will be? Sailing ships, any different?

This is a proposed training package for the F18 Super Hornet Hydraulic Maintenance.

This is a sample of an interface for an F18 maintenace presentation dealing with hydraulic fluid power and electrics. This also includes the fuel system

It is just like a website and rightly so, it is how we piece it all together, the 'logical' flow of the information or its information architecture that will make it functional or not.

This is what the app would look like on an iPad.

"User experience is the logical and effective process making the user achieve his/her goals in the most direct and enjoyable manner, great design is seamless."

What is more important is to put yourself in the user's shoes, we call this being an 'Empath.'

It is important to take on board what design teams, SME's, stakholders requirements are but ultimately we have to take into account what the user needs as they are the ones who will use and buy our products.

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