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Work History

Work History

LS Design - Designer (UX, HCD, UCD, GUI, print and web)

I am freelancing as LS Design doing graphic, web, UX and promo products.

This is a piece of promo material and web banner for 2two1 Nutrition own by a very inspirational lady. She is not only a fitness guru but a very deep, loving and caring person which made this project so much fun.

I am also a contributing writer to Linkedin, Lifehack, and The UX blog. not only to keep my writing skills current for any content development but, experts say the more you write the better you get, such as James Patterson. is the number 1 ranking by Alexa for motivation and better living, I have been a contributor since 2014.

This is the table version of 2two1 Nutrition by a very Inspirational lady.

Design + Engineering Drawing (eng drw)

SMA (Scientific Management Associates) Australia
– Present

I am currently employed full time as a designer + engineering drawing at SMA Australia.


My main duties include the following:

• Graphic design for tenders and other documents
• Technical illustration as per ADF standards
• Corporate identity + photo manipulation
• Preparing artwork for the print shop
• Web design + flash development
• CDs, DVDs and cover printing
• Power point presentations
• Flash training packages

This is the front page for SMA APAC Australia and I designed which is part of the SMA group of Companies.

A great benefit working for SMA is I get to learn new skills when there are new projects. We are a tight unit and there is an understanding that learning does take time and my supervisor has always given me the right tools and space to learn and get better at it.

One of my strengths is the ability to delivery any project on time and budget; and I use these principles whenever I freelance or do any other type of work.

Past roles with the organization:

Due to career progression and after taking further studies I have secured and performed the following roles:

• Multimedia Developer (Digital Media)
• Training Developer (Engineering)
• Mechanical Engineering Instructor

Other Professional Experience and Memberships

RMIT - Student Mentor (Industry)

August 2016 - Present

I am an RMIT Student Mentor and I am honoured to be a part of this amazing program.

This is a voluntary program where I bring in experience and guidence to Design students so they can make a smooth transition from study to the workforce.

This is a certificate I got from RMIT for mentoring some of their wonderful students in 2017. It is amazing how many talented people they have and it has been an absolute honour to be a part of it.

Even though we can mentor any student no matter field of study, at this point in time I feel comfortable providing guidance mostly to Design students as that is my field of expertise.

As I grow and have more experience I will expand to develop and understanding in other facets of professional life to render a greater contribution to society.

I am grateful to RMIT and its staff for welcoming me warmly with open arms, I am proud to be associated with such fine Academic Institution.

The Interaction Design Foundation

I am proud to be a member of the IDF, and I have wanted to join for a very long time, not only because it is a very prestigious organisation but it has so many resources to help me navigate the complexities of Interaction Design (IxD) and UX (User Experience) Design.

This is my certificate of membership to the IDF (Interaction Design Foundation) and I am very grateful to be a part of it, it will help me grow as IxD and UX Designer.


Contributing writer

Lifehack + Linkedin + The UX Blog + Success Story (former contributor)

I am a contributor to these sites with a focus on self improvement, inspiration and tips to lead a better life. Here are some of the subjects I have written about:

• Self image and self esteem
• Children and family
• Love and Romance
• User Experience
• Communication
• Inspiration
• Mentoring

This article is part of the ones I have written, you can go to: The UX Blog, The UX Journey - The path of the ‘Empath’

Contributing to these sites has helped me to sharpen up my writing and communication skills. I am still finding my voice as a writer, based on feedback and the amount of people sharing my articles I would humbly say I am on the right track.

Lifehack is the top ranking website by Alexa.
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